Marukyu has been making a lot of different GLUTEN baits for many years. Over the years Marukyu has developed a wide network allowing Marukyu to source GLUTEN from many different areas of the world. Marukyu uses the slight differences and traits unique to each GLUTEN source to make a wide range of GLUTEN baits.
Gluten is used when you need to sit and wait for a bite. This is perfect for when fishing in places where there aren't many fish like in big natural lakes or rivers, or even when fish are not very active such as winter. Gluten holds on to the hook very well, making it great for when the bait needs to stay on the hook for extended times between casts.
Standard GLUTEN bait is a mixture of mash potato flakes and GLUTEN powder. In the water GLUTEN forms a net that holds the mash potato flakes and causes it to dissolve evenly. A small piece of GLUTEN is left on the hook that is easily swallowed by Crucian Carp and other fish that feed in the midwater. By changing the size and type of mash potato flakes, type of GLUTEN and amount of GLUTEN various GLUTEN baits with different traits can be produced.
All of Marukyu GLUTEN baits have simple to understand mixing instructions on the back of the package. For best results mix until the water has spread evenly throughout the bait and there are no dry patches left. Try to limit the amount of time mixing the bait to the bare minimum. Once the water is spread evenly, let the bait sit for 3-4 minutes. Then just before use flip it over and take bait from the side that was on the bottom.
When baiting GLUTEN, generally it is best to bait the hook by pulling the hook through the bottom of the bait. Doing so will avoid breaking the GLUTEN threads which are very important to keep the bait on the hook. The GLUTEN will become weaved together, making it hang on the hook.
GLUTEN bait expands in the water making it very light yet strong bait. Due to the expansion of the bait, you do not need to put much on the hook. Generally place enough bait so as to just cover the hook.
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