Gluten Bread is the most frequently used bait in Crucian Carp fishing. The reason why it is used so much is that when it dissolves in the water it creates a cloud that resembles a large group of plant plankton, which attracts curious Crucian Carp.
Gluten Bread used in bait is special wheat bran pulverized down and then heated using unique methods developed by Marukyu over the many years we have been producing baits. Heating the product in certain specific ways changes the hardness and the size of the flakes, bringing out a difference in the way the bait, dissolves in the water and the way it feels in the hand. Also by adding fish attractants, such as silkworm chrysalis powder, in specific amounts to the Gluten Bread Marukyu can make baits that attract the fish and hook them as well.
Marukyu has been producing powder baits since 1967, in that time we have developed a huge amount of experience in balancing the different properties of all the ingredients used in powder baits. By understanding and utilizing the unique characteristics of Gluten Bread and a wide range of fish attractants, Marukyu can produce different baits that are tailor made for different fishing situations.
Gluten bread baits break up very quickly in the water to produce a large cloud of attractant that attracts fish. The way the bait breaks up in the water is determined by the way the bait is made and the way it is baited on the hook.
Powder Bait is made by simply adding water to a dry bait mix. The amount of water added to the bait will change the way the bait breaks up in the water. Also by increasing the amount of times the bait is kneaded you can adjust the speed at which the bait dissolves in the water. All Marukyu baits have easy to understand instructions and diagrams on the back of the package so even beginners can use them. Simply follow the instructions on the package, or experiment with different water amounts and mixing times to fine-tune the bait to the situation at hand. We recommend using a measuring cup to achieve the same consistency every time.
The way the bait is baited on the hook effects the way it dissolves in the water. Square shaped bait has more resistance in the water and therefore breaks up easier which his good for attracting fish.
Carefully rounded bait has less resistance in the water, and therefore breaks up slower. This shape will leave a piece of bait in the bend of the hook. A round bait will stay on the hook for a long time.
A teardrop shape breaks up but leaves a piece of bait on the hook as well. To make this shape, bait a roughly round piece of bait and then apply pressure around the top of the bait. This shape will first break up from the bottom but a piece of bait will remain firmly on the hook. This is a favourite shape of many anglers in Japan.
There is also another technique, where by you don’t apply much pressure or shape the bait much on the hook. This shape breaks up quickly and is known as “Rough Bait”.
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