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The specialist spoon rod, designed for the serious pond trout angler,

There are many changing factors influencing pond fishing, such as a wider range of fish species and larger fish, along with a continuing increase in the water quality at many trout ponds which leads to more active fish. Taking into these factors our Pro-staff have run repeated tests with active fish, to create the specialist spoon rod designed for winning, SPEED PEAK.
In order to hook up on fast bites that overtake the spoon, and do not shake the tip but just make the line go slack, a strong tip that will not deviate is required. Built with a belly section, that absorbs the pull from the headshake just as the trout tries to eject the spoon, and a total sharpness that transfers the anglers movement directly down the line without any time lag. The strong elasticity throughout the entire blank, and taper design is made possible by the ultra-light Titanium AT guide setting.
Different from the TIME TRIAL series of rods that will pick up even the lightest of bites in difficult conditions, SPEED PEAK is designed so you can make the most of the bites with more clean hook ups and put more fish in the net then the next guy. When you need to perform at your best, SPEED PEAK will take you there.
61 Speed Peak
Length Section Taper Power Lure Line
Spinning Model 6'1" 2pcs Fast Light 0.8~3.8g 2~4lb

This rod is an absolute must for the serious tournament angler. Its taper design allows the angler total control when fishing small micro spoons up to 2.9g. This rod has the perfect balance of accuracy, hook-set and staying power. SPEED PEAK's balance and length allows the fastest possible repetitive cast rate possible to near and mid range targets.

67 Speed Peak
Length Section Taper Power Lure Line
Spinning Model 6'7" 2pcs Fast Med-Light 0.8~5.0g 2~5lb

SPEED PEAK 67 has been designed to give anglers the upper hand when fishing difficult situations like crosscurrents, crosswinds or deep areas. The taper design of this blank allows solid hook-set and reduces the chance of slack line which hampers sensitivity. An excellent rod for working subsurface lures, it has the torque required to take on wide areas, making it the best choice for large ponds.

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