Marukyu in conjunction with CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) has developed ULTRABITE™·α, a pheromone based fish attractant for sports fishing that works directly on the fish's instinct. Marukyu is continuing to pioneer the use of the phromone formula in a range of baits that are being released into the market.
ULTRABITE uses the CEFAS produced fish attractant as a base in an attempt to increase the efficiency of fish attractants used in fishing. It includes fish pheromones. The pheromones that are based upon secretions from fish, were developed to reduce the problem of periodically fed uneaten food leaking from aquaculture sites into surrounding sea beds.
When the pheromone was given to the fish, they became more active, and this created a reduction in the amount of leftover feed. Research is currently being undertaken into the use of ULTRABITE in the aquaculture field, that is proving its effectivness.
ULTRABITE™ is the combination of these pheromones and other fish attractants aimed at sports fishing. Usually the fishes' five senses smell, sound, taste, sight and touch have been used to attract fish, however ULTRABITE™ works directly on the fish's instinct at a physiological level to attract and then stimuate the fish to feed. Moreover, research has shown the fish do not become conditioned to ULTRABITE™.
The formulation is also environmentally friendly, with the pheromones breaking down after twelve hours, therefore there is no fear of any residual effects on the environment.
ULTRABITE™ that works on a wide range of fish is being used in various places all over the world such as America, Australia, Europe, etc. Marukyu is the authorized distributor for Japan and Asia (excluding some territories).
Marukyu has fine tuned ULTRABITE™ to develop ULTRABITE™·α jointly with CEFAS to make a pheromone based specialised attractant that works even more effectively on the target fish to attract and stimulate feeding. The product via a chain reaction effect produces an increase in the aggressive feeding tendencies of fish in the vicinity.
Also, in the same way as ULTRABITE™, fish will not become conditioned to the product and it has no harmful effect on the environment. Marukyu has given further advantage to the fishermen. Marukyu has added all of its long years of experience in bait technology and know-how to produce Marukyu's own unique ULTRABITE™·α.
Marukyu has plans to expand upon this range of baits available in the market, by developing new baits for both saltwater and freshwater.
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