Norio Tanabe is the angler who established pattern fishing, in the Japanese bass fishing scene. He is a leader amongst Japanese professional anglers, yet his activity doesn't end inside of Japan. In 1983 he went overseas to study in the birthplace of Bass fishing, USA. After going to the states, he made a name for himself overseas by becoming the first Japanese person to win the BASS Kentucky Invitational, and place in the B.A.S.S. Bass Masters. After starting his own brand, NORIES, he makes the most of all his know-how and knowledge gained from his vast experience to make a range of fishing goods. The exemplary bass rod series ROADRUNNER has a huge following, and is thought of as the best bass rod by many bass anglers.

Not only is Tanabe famous for bass fishing he has also developed a reputation for saltwater lure fishing. In many saltwater based tournaments he has been able to over power even seasoned locals to win many titles. His ability is almost immeasurable.

His recent expeditions overseas to increase interest and inform people about game fishing are attracting attention from all over the world.

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