Using my experience from years of bass fishing in Japan and America, and know how from working on and designing many new products, I wanted to take the time to make a range of products that I can be satisfied with making.
While at the same time from my own experiences I felt that I had a responsibility or mission to create and leave behind something of genuine quality.
That was over 10 years ago.
My friends who I called together and I created NORIES.

First and foremost, we focused on pure fishing, not trends or cycles.
We spent hours on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing.
In all our products we wanted to bring out the real and original joy of fishing.
We aimed for a brand that doesn't lie.
Not just excellent tackle that will catch you more fish, but tackle that has the ability to help the angler improve themself.
We wanted to make products based on this conviction, for all game fishing styles. 

NORIES is like a "workshop" where my friends, specialists from different fishing styles and I can come together to put together and work on making something genuine.
That's how I see it.

Modern Technology and Traditional Craftsmanship

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